How DYou Serveis a content provider platform, connecting cause to mission for members of the Military and Emergency Services Departments across the United States.  


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We are currently in startup, want to be a part of our movement?



How Do You Serve can help you discover, share and connect

 through people, communities and stories.







How does it work?

Step 1.

We record your story on video and make an episode or series.

Step 2.

Each episode or series is connected to a cause or campaign.



Step 3.

Sharing the cause or campaign connects and moves people to action.


  • A member of; US military (active or veteran) Firefighter, Policeman, Emergency Service Officer 
  • Submit registration form 
  • Must have a good standing with organization (no dishonorable discharge) 


  • Helping comrades and partners in the cause and mission to contribute their experience and why they serve 
  • Connect with like-minded individuals through shared values and experiences 
  • Educating and empowering Americans though stories 
  • Business Sponsorships
    • Website Sponsor
    • Series/Episode Sponsor
  • Individual Donations
    • Direct Donations
    • Memoriam – Virtual Legacy Wall
  • Candidate Nominations
  • Joint Partners
    • Foundations
    • Cause Partners
    • Projects & Mission Efforts
  • Word of Mouth
    • Tell your friends.
    • Share on Social Media
    • Share Series and Episodes
  • Share & empower others through story 
  • Each episode supplies a lifetime of value and experience 
  • Connect stories of significance of service and cause. 
  • See direct and indirect social support and impact. 
  • Allow for timeless support of individual/ cause support 
  • Social sharing of individual stories and causes
  •  Connects experience with story and community
  • Resource Awareness for Campaigns & Partners

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What we are creating.

We create, share and distribute an ongoing series of united stories. 



Citizens, military and EMS can share and discover the experience and significance of the causes, organizations and people who serve our country.



These stories provide an opportunity for citizens to understand the significance of serving and price of freedom. 


In search of significance of this freedom, we seek to answer three questions;  

  • Who are the people who risk everything? 
  • What is their story?  
  • Do you really understand the cost?  

Why we exist.

We exist to help Americans discover, share, connect, and understand their fellow Americans who have served. 


We get to discover their individual story of their experience, sacrifice, and the commitment of serving.



By telling individual and connected stories we get to share the experience, significance, and their legacy now and into the future.



Fellow Americans have an opportunity to understand the sacrifice, commitment, and cost of serving and the values and principals of the Active Duty, Veterans and Emergency Services Officers. 

Your story will help

  • The cost of serving; 
  • Individual commitment of the Active Duty, Veterans, and the Emergency Services officers; 
  • Group commitment of the Active Duty, Veterans, and the Emergency Services Officers. 


  • Contribution; 
  • Understanding; 
  • Clear communication and connection. 


  • Share experience; 
  • Display values; 
  • Raise awareness; 
  • Pursue Liberty ©