Created to help people discover, share, and appreciate their fellow Americans who have served or are serving. How Do You Serve aims to bring to light the values and principles through stories of sacrifice and commitment of our Armed Forces, Veterans, and Emergency Services Officers. 


Who are the people that risk everything?

What is their story? 

Do citizens really understand the cost?



“To see courage, the pursuit of happiness, to see beyond the unknown, unite people across states of change, to let go, to let in, to bring together and stand strong.”


Rehumanize service professionals
Provide opportunities for causes and missions
Create awareness through story
Sharing Significance

We help provide outlets and solutions to reconnect and restore humanity to service professions and communities. Authentic communication allows us to restore innovation and passion, bringing clarity, hope, and knowledge to civilians and service workers alike.

 By using our platform, causes and missions can raise awareness and connect people and organizations that can provide support. Through campaigns and fundraising, we aim to increase the awareness and impact of opportunities now and in the future.

We work with community partners to produce authentic stories that contribute to strengthening relationships within neighborhoods and with other service members. Many service members have stories that can enrich, protect, serve and educate others in and out of service professions.

Creating programs and events that emphasize freedom and the cost of liberty is our goal. Through sharing experience, promoting values, and bringing awareness, we support service members and their communities. 


Creating a bridge through story

Donors, organizations, and charities rush to fill the gaps left by the supporters but face the same challenge of raising personal and social awareness. Our goal is to close the gap, work together, and recognize the importance of our country, communities, service members and civilians.   Through stories we can help raise awareness and funding opportunities to grow and inspire change.  


Stories we tell:

  • Military (active, reserved and retired)
  • Firefighters (active, volunteer, past, and retired)
  • Police officers, State trooper and Sherrif
  • EMT workers

Make an impact

Have a story or know someone who does? 

 Your story can make a difference!


Want to contribute and make an impact? 

We are always looking for people and organizations who want to get involved.

The Founders


Jonathan Fritzler and his team, including his wife Melissa of Storyteller
Productions, have been organizing How Do You Serve since the last quarter of 2019. Prior
to the COVID-19, we planned to launch a simple campaign at our local VFW to showcase
a select number of veterans and help provide a fundraising effort to bring recognition
and create an opportunity for community leadership and inspiration. 


This was the start, and after sharing our concept with several individuals, we realized it has a lot of potential
and something that no one was really touching on. The impact of a single story can have
a massive impact on how, who, and where we decide to go in life. Who better to hear it
from than the people who protect our communities and our country.