HDYS to launch Art Campaign for Veterans

Avatar HDYS | January 13, 2022

Creating art is a journey as much as a process. For many veterans, art is a tool for making progress.

Jonathan Fritzler the Executive Direct says, ” There is a lot that’s missing in art. If we can help it have a voice that can be a game-changer. It’s not that art needs a voice, but if you can have the artist speak you get to know the art on a different and many times, a deeper level. It becomes real, less ambiguous, and carries a meaning it didn’t before. For Veterans, this can be encouraging and therapeutic. ” The new campaign for artists starts at the beginning of January 2022. HDYS hopes its campaign can open new doors and opportunities to the stigma surrounding art and what it can do.


For more information regarding this campaign reach out to our team at HDYS.