• Zyra’s Story

    “The basic values, army values, I can see them in my paintings. It’s almost like it’s internalized. Today, we have […]

Zyra’s Story

“To see courage, the pursuit of happiness, to see beyond the unknown, unite people across states of change, to let go, to let in, to bring together and stand strong.”

Stories of Service

How Do You Serve helps you discover, share and connect through people, communities and stories. These stories provide an opportunity for citizens and service members to understand the significance of serving and the price of freedom. 


Because of this freedom, we seek to answer three questions;  

  • Who are the people who risk everything? 
  • What is their story?  
  • Do you really understand the cost?

Designed for

  • Contribution; 
  • Understanding; 
  • Clear communication and connection. 
  • Share experience; 
  • Display values; 
  • Raise awareness; 
  • Pursue Liberty 
  • The cost of serving; 
  • The individual commitment of the Active Duty, Veterans, and the Emergency Services officers; 
  • Group commitment of the Active Duty, Veterans, and the Emergency Services Officers. 

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Help someone share their story.

Military, Firefighters, Police, and EMS.

By telling stories we get to make an impact now and in the future. Fellow Americans have an opportunity to understand the sacrifice, commitment, and cost of serving through the values and principles that protect our freedoms.

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