A Podcast About the Significance of Service

About the Show

How Do You Serve is a podcast that explores the meaning and significance of service in the military and emergency services. Through personal stories and interviews with service members, veterans, and civilians, we aim to bridge the gap between the military and civilian populations and raise awareness of the sacrifices and commitments made by those who serve.


Welcome to How Do You Serve’s Podcast! We’re excited to have you as a guest on our show. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, please take a moment to review this guide, which includes tips, simple ways to prepare, and an overview of our podcast.

Tips for a Great Podcast Experience:

1. Choose a quiet, comfortable space with minimal background noise and echo.

2. Use a high-quality microphone and headphones to ensure clear audio.

3. Test your equipment and internet connection before the recording session.

4. Keep water nearby to stay hydrated and avoid dry mouth.

5. Speak clearly and at a moderate pace to ensure listeners can understand you.

6. Be yourself, share your stories and experiences, and have fun!

Depending on the podcast episode we may take a different approach.

Types of podcasts

  1. Interview-based podcast: This podcast would feature interviews with individuals who have unique experiences or perspectives on service.
  2. Educational podcast: This podcast would focus on teaching listeners about different ways to serve others and could provide practical tips and resources for getting involved in service.
  3. Personal stories podcast: This podcast would feature personal stories of people who have been impacted by service, including volunteers, service recipients, and community members.
  4. Roundtable discussion podcast: This podcast would feature a group of people discussing different aspects of service, including experts, community leaders, and people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  5. News and current events podcast: This podcast would focus on news and current events related to service, including stories about volunteerism, charity work, and community service projects. It could also provide analysis and commentary on the role of service in society and the impact of current events on service organizations.

Before our podcast studio time!

Prior to studio time, we will create a more concise outline of our topic/s or theme.

Of course, if there are any unique talking points, be sure to bring them up so we can all be confident when we get to the studio.

Podcast Studio Requirements

Podcasts are recorded live but not aired live, allowing for post-production edits. Some podcasts undergo extensive editing for perfection, while others, like mine, have minimal edits to fix major issues like internet disruptions or background noise. As a guest, if you’re unsatisfied with an answer, you may request a redo, but only if it’s truly necessary. Keep in mind that each edit consumes time and resources for the host(s). They will accommodate a valid redo request, but ensure you ask for it promptly, not after a day or once the show has been released.

A checklist so you’ll be ready.

1. Find the quietest room in the house/office.
2. Make sure you’ve got a strong internet connection / signal.
3. Switch off your phone or put it on silent.
4. Make sure you connect with your USB mic plugged in if you have one.
5. You must use headphones during the recording (this prevents echo).
6. Close all other programs that may make noises during recording.
7. Refresh website if you encounter any problems.


Depending on the episode, we may use zoom or a similar online platform. If you can use those types of websites, then you will be fine for recording.

If you have any questions or need a hand getting set up just let me know!

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