Respect Quiz Sample 1

The word “Respect” comes up prominently on the screen and voice over of “we’re placed here on this earth to respect everything and everyone around us, especially ourselves” …. And showing a young girl & boy in a home, interacting with parents & perhaps grandparents, walking through a garden, down a street & interacting with a poor &/or disabled person, perhaps of color & seated attentively in a classroom.

“Lets play!... See how many points you can get.”

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Do/did you follow the direction of elders, parents, authorities?

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Do you pick up trash on the street?

3 / 8

Do you dress appropriately?

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Do/did you do your assigned chores?

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Do you offer assistance to those in need whenever possible?

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Do/did you listen to your parents?

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Do/did you clean your room?

8 / 8

Do you respect strangers, no matter their appearance?

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